Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A New Home

The funny thing about being a dog is that time is not the same for us as it is for people. I don’t know if it was the same day, or the next day, or the next week, but I do know that these people came back, and that I left the shelter with them this time. All of the other dogs were loud like always. I turned my head as I walked past them to make sure that they saw me walk out of that place. Yea for me!

The lady had a collar and leash ready, and I had some trouble figuring out how I was supposed to walk with them on. Plus, I wanted to run fast, away from the shelter! We went to something that looked like a giant room, but with black circles underneath on each side, and the lady said, “Load up.” What the heck does that mean? There was a box inside that had wires around it, kind of like the gate at the shelter. She showed me something that smelled good and put it in the box, so I jumped up to get the thing and ate it. It was very good, but the best part was when she looked at me and rubbed my head and made some sounds that were fun to hear…”ooo, ood irl, ammie,” or something like that. I could feel my ears liking the way her voice sounded, and my tail liked it, too.

Oh, no, what is going on? We're moving! I'm having a hard time standing up, so I decide it might be better to lay down. That way I won’t tumble from side to side. Still, I am not too sure about all of this. Maybe I should have stayed where I was? The next thing I remember is everything is still, not moving around, and the lady tells me that we are “home.” Home, what does that mean? So many new smells that my nose is moving up and down, trying to make sense of all of them…human smells, grass, food, and a not-a-dog but another animal…hmmm, this is strange.

So here is where I meet my new family, or should I say my only family since I have never had one before. It took a long time, but I've learned their names. The lady is Angie, the man is Kip, and there is a boy whose name is Chris. And that other animal smell belongs to a cat named Oscar. I never met a cat before, and since this one was small with a long furry tail, I thought he might be another toy! So the first thing I did was grab that tail with my mouth and…never mind, because I didn’t get far. Ouch! Oscar used his paws with sharp nails to let me know he was not part of this game. And remember that leash?  Angie jerked on it and said in a voice she had not used before, “NO, LEAVE IT.” Wow, there are a lot of rules at my new "home!"


  1. Glad Sammie has a new home. Can't wait to read about his training as a search dog.

  2. You can always come live with me if your new home doesn't work out.