Thursday, July 14, 2011

When we go inside the house, the cat goes even before me. That silly cat is acting like he is top dog, sitting on everything, tail up in the air, giving me the stink eye. Angie, Kip, and Chris let me walk all around. I have never been in a place with soft surfaces, cool hard floors, and windows. There are so many rooms, not just one like the shelter. I just don’t know how to act because everything is new and different. I could not go slow, just fast, running around, putting my paws up on something because there were food smells that I wanted, jumping on Chris who is not that much taller than me when I am on my back legs.  And I was hungry and thirsty. This place was mine, all mine, and I was ready to go, go, go. That was about to change….and for the first time I heard the word “kennel” and learned about house rules.

I did go kind of crazy and when Angie put a stop to all of that, I was not sure what to think. Even though I didn’t like the shelter, nobody there told me what to do, and they pretty much left me alone. Now that I was in a new place I had to learn new ways. There was so much, and looking back on it now, it seems like it didn’t take that long…but then again I have been told I was selected from a Gifted Animal Program at the shelter. I guess the first thing that I learned was who was the boss of me. The main boss was Angie, and Chris and Kip not so much. And that grumpy old cat, Oscar, never! Here are the rules that I had to follow:
  1. Work before play.
  2. My kennel is where I stay when I am not working (at least at first…this changed after a while).
  3. No jumping on people.
I also learned that every day was the same, but in a good way. You might not believe this, that I brush my teeth in the morning. I wait for Angie to brush her teeth, and then she rubs my teeth with toothpaste that tastes like chicken, or sometimes peanut butter. And as soon as that is done, I go out in the yard to take a break. Then I eat, no leaving food in the bowl. I tried that once, to make it last, and that was a mistake. So now I eat it all, no snacking during the day. Back in the kennel where I have my entertainment center, a bone, a soft bed just for me, and a window that lets me watch what is happening in the yard…trees, squirrels, birds, and once in a while Oscar does something to tease me, like sitting on the other side of the window and staring at me, or giving me “the paw”…if you know what I mean.

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