Monday, August 29, 2011

The Big Test

Today was a lot of fun because I got to play on lots of new rubble. Angie let me search one pile all by myself…well at least until I barked a bunch of times and then she came up to give me a toy to tug. Then she stayed right there and sent me to search more. And when I smelled somebody else she came right to me, and more tug. She put some pink string where I was barking. After the second time, I knew just where I needed to go, all the way to the back of the rubble. She gave me a hand sign, and I followed her directions…but I would have gone all the way back there on my own. And I smelled somebody else and barked right there. These people did a good job of hiding; I could not see any of them, just knew with my nose they were under there. I checked the rest of the pile, and came back to Angie, looked at her and barked. That’s how I tell her there is nobody else to find.

Then we both went to another pile that had wood, rubble, a car and a soft chair. Are you kidding me? A car on a rubble pile? I could not believe my eyes, but yes, there it was. We searched together; Angie was mostly watching me because she knows I don’t like her being right on top of me while I work. I smelled somebody under the car and I was ready to crawl under it because it was just so cool, but barking not crawling is what gets the tug toy – so barking is what I did. We also checked out the edges of the pile, near the ground. I’m thinking to myself, no way, but then there is a breeze, and I get a nose full of scent. And I am off to locate that, bark and get my toy.

When we are all done, Angie puts me in a crate. I didn’t even get to play that long, but she said we were all done. I heard other dogs barking on the piles, which makes me want to get up there again. So here is the weirdest part of the day. I am standing in my crate, hoping to get out and play on that last pile one more time, maybe check out the car more carefully, when Angie opens my crate and lets me out. She’s hugging my neck and giving me treats that smell like cinnamon, and other people are all around us rubbing my fur, and I hear words that are new to me. “Congratulations, Sammie, you passed your test!” What the heck? Then we go sit on the pile, and somebody takes our picture. I probably looked goofy because I didn’t want to sit still, I wanted to go back to where the car in the rubble was. Angie cannot stop talking to me, telling me what a good FEMA dog I am – she even kissed my head! What is the big deal? It was just another day of doing what I like best, searching, finding scent, and playing tug. 

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