Monday, August 22, 2011

Most fun ever

This was the beginning of the most fun ever, for a lot of reasons. I travelled to many places, met other dogs who would be my friends, and played with toys all the time. Whenever Angie wore those clothes--the dark pants with all the pockets and the big shoes, that meant we were off together to “training.” My favorite place for training was Disaster City, and we also went to a place where there were big red trucks, the smell of smoke in a tall building, and at times the trucks made loud noises and their lights were bright. I went there more than I went to Disaster City, and my best friends were there, too.  We all worked together to learn how to find people; bark very loud and long; climb ladders and run through tunnels; follow directions; and also to take turns. I still don’t like that part, because I do not like to wait. I always want it to be my turn. It should always be time for me to do something.

So let me tell you about my dog friends. My best friend is a German Shepherd who has giant ears that stick up on her head. Her name is Sasha and she always bosses me around. I just let her, because she also lets me share her crate if I am cold, and because I like her.  My other friend is a Golden Retriever named Sprinkles who gets excited just like me. Sprinkles runs very fast, even faster than me. Sasha is more serious.  Sprinkles and I are wild and crazy dogs, and Sasha is not that way. We get to be together a lot. Sometimes we share toys, treats, and when it is hot, we get to splash around in a little pool that is filled with cool water.

It’s hard to remember everything that I learned, but I’ll tell you about some of it. My favorite part from the beginning was what is called “searching.” Angie would say, “Go find!” and that meant that somebody might be hiding with my toy. There might be more than one person…so there could be more toys. And that meant more playing the tug game with me. I learned to bark, not just normal barking but only barking when I found the person who was hiding from me. Here is how it sounds, “Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark…” and loud, not soft.  Because this is the way I tell Angie that I did my job--I know the person is right here. No matter how tough it is, like there might be wood or concrete in the way--lots of it--I can smell and I don’t even need to use my eyes. Really, I like to be left alone to use my nose to check everything out, but sometimes that can be a bad idea…

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