Friday, September 16, 2011

The Fires in Bastrop

Here is the bad news…I did not get to go on this deployment, and neither did Sprinkles; it was not our turn. But our friend Sasha did get to go, and she had a lot to tell us about her adventures. So she is going to tell you all about it, loud and proud. And she’s rubbing my nose in it that she got to go and I didn’t. Whatever.

This is Sasha's story.

We went to a place where there was lots of smoke and fire smells, more than I have ever smelled in all of my life. I searched every day for six days, and let me tell you that it was hard work. Sometimes I got so tired that all I wanted to do was take a nap, but I knew that my job was to search…barns, houses, even cars…not to sleep. But at night, I had worked so hard that I didn’t care that I had to take a bath so that all of the fire smell was all gone. I stayed in a room with five other dogs and many humans. Each dog slept in a crate, and the humans made more noise snoring than we did.

Brick with his boots.
Each day we started off getting our feet wrapped up, especially our paws, so that when we stepped on ground that was still hot from all of the fires we would not get hurt. It felt strange, but I think that it helped me keep working. The vets were very nice, except I still hate it when they take my temperature because that thing they use is not comfortable. Still, I know they were making sure that I did not get sick. They checked on me all the time, and even gave me treats. I know I was the best dog there, because they kept telling me, “Sasha, you are such a good dog.” And whenever they checked on me, Sammie’s mom, Angie, was right there to help. I know her smell and it made me feel like everything would be fine. 

And of course, my dad was always with me, petting my fur, holding my leg so the vet could bandage my paws, and giving me treats and my favorite blue ball on a rope when I finished searching. I would do anything for him, and whenever he said to me, “One more, Sasha” or “Just a few more, baby girl,” I knew that I would keep working, even though I was getting sore and tired.

I got to ride in a van and sometimes in something called a mule, which is like a small car with no sides. (My friend Brick gets to ride with his mom Christy in the video.) It was fun to ride up bumpy roads, jump off, and after I worked, get back on and go to the next location. There was always plenty of water and treats and toys to keep me going. I bet that I helped search more than 50 places where there was nothing left except bricks, glass, wood and stuff that was on the ground. Not like a rubble pile, but still, sometimes I would walk along a narrow ledge like a circus dog.

Next time I hope that Sammie and Sprinkles can come with me. Most of the dogs there had ears just like mine, that point to the sky. There were two dogs who looked more like Sammie, and their names were Joker and Scotch. The other dogs like me were Brick, Jetta and Sarge. I am very glad to be home. The road trip to Bastrop was exciting, and I have never, ever searched so much for so long. 

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