Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fun at Fire Fest

Last weekend was something at the fire station where lots of people came to watch Sasha, Sprinkles and me. There was a lot of other stuff going on: a helicopter landed, there were trucks and live fire and music and machines, but of course the best part was what we did. Let me tell you, we practiced all week, just about every day and night, so that we were able to be the best dogs and the best part of Fire Fest.

Sasha and Sprinkles

Here is what we did. All three of us did lots of things together. First, we lined up and one by one, we climbed a ladder, walked across a high plank, went down a ramp, and then we went across wooden bridges until we were told to stop. So each dog had to pay attention (you know how hard that is for me), and listen and wait.

Everybody was watching us, and they clapped and smiled. I just kept watching Angie. I was the last dog to climb the ladder, and the first dog to come off the bridge. After we came off, we went through a tunnel, across another bridge, and then on to a hup table. More clapping, and talking about how great we were.
Then I got to show how to search. There was somebody hidden under all of these wooden pallets. Angie told me to “go find” and I raced out to find the person, and bark, bark, bark. Guess what I got as a tug toy? A stuffed bear, with a scarf on its neck. I just shook that thing back and forth and tugged so hard I could feel it coming apart. I LOVE that feeling in my mouth! And at the very end, we all sat on our hup tables, and the people could come pet us, and get one of our cards with our pictures. Chris and Kip were there of course, and I could tell they were proud of me.

After we were finished at the Fire Fest, Angie and I drove to Disaster City for training.  So it was a fun day.  At Disaster City, somebody was hiding high up and I was almost walking on my back feet to get to him.  I couldn’t reach him, so after I barked enough, he threw a toy down to me.  I slept in a hotel that night, and so did another dog with pointed ears, who kept licking my face.  She was nice, and I hope to see her again soon.

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  1. I was there watching at FireFest and cheering you on, Sammie! You and the others were great!