Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Nose Knows

I just love going to Disaster City, and here’s why.

Sammie's friend, Gracie, playing tug
First of all, I get to see my other friends, not just Sasha and Sprinkles.  There are some dogs that look like me, and some dogs with ears like Sasha’s.  Most of the time, I get to play on the rubble piles, and there is one that is really, really big.  There are lots of places where people can hide, and I think the most I remember were five!  Do you know what that means?  I would find one person, bark until Angie gets to me, and then the person who is hiding would stick out a toy for me to tug.  And then we would do it again. I don’t even care what toy I get, it can even belong to another dog.  I just want somebody who can hold on to it and play tug with me.  I shake my head from side to side, and use all of my body to make the game fun.  There is one dog who would rather get food than a toy; I just don’t get that at all.

Disaster City is so fun! I feel like I am flying across the rubble, almost like I have wings.  There are places where I must jump, crawl, slide and almost stand on my head.  I try to get as close as I can to where the person is hiding; a couple of times I got so close I could see their eyes.  But usually that doesn’t happen because there is so much concrete and other stuff that makes it impossible for me to get close.  And that is not a big deal, because my nose knows and shows me the way to the place where I should bark to tell Angie, “Right here!” Oh, and sometimes on the way, I smell clothes, or food or a cat (not Oscar, but that same kind of smell).  I ignore all that, because the only time I get to tug is if I find the person.  This is disgusting, but I have also had to ignore the smell of a dead fish…yuck. But that was easy because it reminded me of Oscar’s cat food and that stuff stinks!

Sandy Cay, cooling off
Sometimes, dogs can get hurt at Disaster City.  I have stepped on a nail, and it went all the way through the pad on my foot.  It didn’t hurt that much, and when Angie told me we had to go to the vet, I was mad that I couldn’t keep playing.  I had a couple of stitches and was fine.  Other dogs have cut their legs and feet much worse than that.  And when the concrete is hot in the summer, it can really hurt the skin on the bottom of the pads on my feet.  That is why after I get off the rubble pile, I lay on my back and Angie checks to make sure there is no blood anywhere, and that I am fine. She is always making sure that I get enough water.  If I won’t stop to drink the water, she pours some on my body to cool me off.  There is one part of my body that I really do not want to get hurt, and it might surprise you to know what that is …

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