Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sammie’s Tail

My tail is very important to me.  Of course, my nose and feet and eyes are, too, but there is just something so cool about having a tail.  I love being able to swing it around side to side, up and down, in a circle both directions, and to thump it against things, like dog beds, furniture and people.  Sometimes Chris and I play, and I like to thump it up and down on his stomach while he pets my head.  He also plays this game with me when I am lying down.  He looks at me, and puts his hands up in the air.  I thump my tail very slowly.  Then he comes closer, and I move my tail faster, up and down, and by the time he gets to me, and pets me, there is fast wagging going on.

When I am in my crate, lying down, hanging out, I curl my tail around my back legs so that if I turn my head that way, I can see it.  I look at the tails of other dogs, and notice that some are like mine, and others are not the same.  Sasha’s tail is much bigger, and Sprinkles’ tail has long fur that hangs down from it.  All of us use our tails as a way to touch each other, so if we are waiting our turns, and are side by side, our tails can move even if we are still. 

Luna and Maggie
There are some dogs like me, Labrador Retrievers, who used to have long, beautiful tails but not anymore.  I wonder if they miss the tails that are gone.  Now they have tails that are short and close to their bodies.  I guess that the tails were hurt or sick, and fell off.  I don’t want to lose any part of my tail. When Angie checks me for injuries, she starts at my nose, and goes all the way to the very end of my tail. When she brushes it, that feels so good, my tail goes into its wagging mode!

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