Thursday, February 2, 2012

FEMA Training Weekend

Last weekend, almost 60 dogs… and I have never seen that many dogs in one place, never ever… came to Disaster City. They all came with their moms or dads, and they all stayed at the same hotel. That is a lot of dogs sleeping in rooms, going in and out of the hotel, and using the elevators. I stayed with Angie in a room with another lab, a big black lab named Blade who I liked a lot. We shared bones and got along very well.

So, we were not all running around Disaster City. We were in groups and each group took turns using the different stuff that was set up for us. There were all kinds of dogs: labs, shepherds, border collies and golden retrievers. Here is a picture of one of the groups, and you can see some of the dogs and how they are not all the same:

And these dogs came from 12 states, not just from Texas. I remember some of these dogs and some of their moms and dads, but some of them were new. I really liked the dogs in my group, especially a small black lab named Party Girl and a border collie named Hunter.

Let me tell you about some of the cool things we did! First let me start with something that I’ve never done before. There were people there from the Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team, and they could take care of any dog who was hurt (including  one dog who got 2 toe nails ripped off). But, that isn’t all these vets did. They also showed us how to get stronger, use our bodies in different ways, and stretch our arms, legs and backs. Check out these pictures and you will see what I mean.
Here is how we learned to strengthen our stomach muscles:

We worked on sitting up on our back legs and putting our front legs up so we looked like a chipmunk. I really had to concentrate, and after a few times, I was a little sore. Angie held a treat above my head, and I had to keep my back legs down and just lift up the rest of my body.

The vets also showed how to check us from nose to tail to make sure we are breathing okay, and that our ears, eyes, noses and mouths are healthy. Look at these pictures to see how this works.  

Check back to learn more about the fun we had!

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