Monday, February 13, 2012

More Fun at the FEMA Training Weekend

It is hard to pick my favorite part of the weekend.  I really enjoyed seeing all of the toys that the other dogs brought with them.  Hunter, the border collie, had a toy with a name: ”Football Man.”  Here is a picture of him with this toy. 

There were lots of tugs, floppies, ropes and babies (that is what Angie calls stuffed animals).  I don’t really care what toy I get, but I will say that the ones that squeak are my favorites.

We used all of the rubble piles at Disaster City, including the pallet pile, which is where I got hurt one time.  That is where a nail went through my pad.  Not this time, though.  Oh, this is so funny.  One young dog was searching on that pile, and she stopped right above where the person was hiding, and she peed on the board that was on top of him!  Those young dogs just do not have any manners.  She was barking and peeing at the same time.

Of course we all enjoyed the rubble piles.  Usually there were 2 people hiding for us.  Here is a picture of Party Girl searching on Rubble Pile 1.   
Can you tell how small she is? She is one of my friends from Florida, and this is her second trip to Texas. 

We all love using the barking box.  It is so easy but so fun.  There is this box with holes at the bottom.  You run up to it, bark at the scent coming from the holes, and all of a sudden the door opens.  There is somebody waiting there to play tug with you. You can see 2 dogs playing in these pictures.

I always like running so when the hup tables are set up, I can’t wait to follow Angie’s directions about going to one, or more of them.  Check out other dogs enjoying them.
That dog from New York looks a lot like Sasha, so I like her a lot.

No matter what we do, the best part is when we get to play tug.  And there were some great tuggers here that weekend. They had different ways of playing, used new words, made silly sounds, even growled at us. I just wished all of these people lived in Texas so they could play tug with me all the time.  Look at these lucky dogs and how happy they are.

Don’t you wish you could have been there?  Can’t wait till next year!

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