Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Perfect Day

Want to know what a perfect day is in the life of a dog like me?  I will tell you.  Now this might not be the perfect day for ALL dogs, but I know it would be for many of my friends, like Sprinkles and Sasha.  The day starts with breakfast that has salmon mixed in with my dry food.  I have to be sure to protect that tasty treat from Oscar the cat, who is eyeing me like he could take me out...right, like that could ever happen.

Then I go with Angie in the car to a store where there are lots of flowers and plants.  There are people there who are always glad to see me, and a man who gets down on the floor and plays rough with me, growling and patting my fur.  While Angie is looking at the flowers, I just go into the back part of the store where there is always fresh water for me.  I am always the only dog in the store and I like that.

The best part of the day is training.  This day there are lots of people to hide for Sprinkles and me.  I search the burn building, which has 4 floors, and there is somebody hiding on every floor.  I can smell them even though there has been a lot of smoke in that building.  My favorite was a person hiding under the pillows of a couch and I jumped on them and barked.  Then I go outside and there are 2 children hiding in an old car.  I jumped in the window to get to them and they yelled, “Sammie, Sammie you got in!  Good girl!”  I was not always sure that it was ok to bark when I find children…they just smell different from the adults.  Now I know that I should bark when I find somebody, no matter how old they are.

After I searched, Sasha, Sprinkles and I got to play on the bases, which look like little tables.  We would each go to a base, and sit there until we were told to go to another one.  Each of us had to pay attention so we knew where to go.  And when we were all done, we played with toys and acted wild and crazy since we didn’t need to pay attention.

And then I went inside and a man was there with a table in front of him that looked kind of like a bed.  I hupped up on it, and he told me to lie down, which was weird and I was not too sure about this.  But Angie was right there.  He used his hands to rub me all over, stretch out my legs, arms, neck, and even my tail.  It felt so good that I licked his face to tell him “thank you.”  I hope I get to do this again.  It was a perfect way to end a perfect day.

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  1. Any day that ends in a massage is a good day in my book! You earned it Sammie...good girl!