Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sick Days

Angie has been sick for a few days.  She is coughing and it sounds like barking.  Her nose has stuff coming out of it and she uses a lot of white soft paper (I know it’s soft because I picked a piece up when she wasn’t looking).

She has stayed home and in bed.  She smells different than she does when she is not sick, not bad, just not the same.

I thought that I should keep her company, so I took my dog bed out of the crate and dragged it into her room, so I could lay down beside her bed.  She was sleeping even though it was not dark yet.  I waited for her to wake up, and when she didn’t, I jumped on the bed.  I know that is wrong, but I was worried about her and wanted to be close to her.  She was under a bunch of blankets even though her body felt hot to me.

When she woke up, she put her hand on my ears, and we looked at each other.  She didn’t even make me get off the bed, she just let me stay there while she went back to sleep.  After a while, Kip brought her some medicine and water.  “No food,” she tells him.

I am very bored because we are not training.  But mostly I just wish that she would act like she always does.  Letting me stay on the bed is just not her way.

And when she talks to me, her voice is not the same as it usually sounds.  I like for my life to be pretty much the same all the time.  This is different.

But good news, she is getting better!  She is eating bread with peanut butter and drinking some milk. And she has stopped sleeping so much. She is starting to smell almost the same as always.  I bet we will be back training very soon.  Next time this happens, maybe she should go to the vet like I do, and he can help her get well quicker.

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