Monday, May 21, 2012

Sprinkles Spends the Night

Angie left me at home while she went out.  She was dressed for training, but I didn’t get to go.  Sometimes I have learned that she puts on those clothes and we don’t get to train.  It can get very confusing for a dog.  I like everything to be simple.

I hung out with Chris and Kip, had some dinner, and was taking a nap, when I hear the sound of Angie’s car.  I always know when she is home, and am ready to meet her at the door when she comes in – unless I am in my crate.  In that case, I just start thumping my tail from side to side because I know that she will let me out to say hello.

Guess what?  She is not alone.  My friend, Sprinkles, walks right in the house, and I am not expecting that.  We kind of play fight, sniff each other, and run from one room to the other. We both try to get Chris and Kip to pet us, and finally share a bowl of water and lay down on the kitchen floor.  Our tails are touching, and we are looking at each other – two retrievers, me a Labrador, and Sprinkles, a Golden.

When it is time to go to sleep, I let Sprinkles sleep on the dog bed with me.  Sometimes during the night, she makes these little noises and moves her legs like she is running.  Maybe she is having a dream about the rubble pile.  Then she is quiet.

In the morning, we both eat breakfast and take a short walk together.  I like having her around.  She is almost as much fun as Sasha, just not as big.  Then Angie puts me in my crate, and she and Sprinkles leave the house together.  Hey, that is not right…what about me?  But later on I know what happened, because when Angie comes back home, Sprinkles is not with her, and Angie smells like she has been to the vet’s office.  Now I get it.  She took Sprinkles to see the vet, and then took her home.  Still, it was fun having company for a little while.  Come back soon, Sprinkles, and next time, I hope you can stay for more than one night.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Birthday Party (was not for me)

So right away I know something is up.  Angie is not dressed for training, and she gives me a bath.  We drive over to Sprinkles’ house and pick up her mom who is also dressed differently, and Sprinkles smells like me, clean.  She gets in the crate with me and away we go.

As soon as we get to this building, I hear little kids yelling and I smell other dogs.  Angie goes inside and when she comes back to the car, she tells us, “You are not the only dogs at this party.”  It turns out that we were invited because this little kid who is only 2 years old likes dogs. So instead of presents for him, everybody brought dog stuff.  That sounds good to me.  Maybe there are new toys or treats for Sprinkles and me.

Do you know what a Great Dane looks like?  It is a dog who is so tall, I have to look up to see his face.  There was a mom dog and 2 puppies, just walking around.  Not very good manners, those dogs, sniffing me and Sprinkles, but we were on our best behavior.  Lots of little kids came up to pet us, baby talk to us, and we even had our pictures taken with some of them.  I wore a hat that looks a lot like Sasha’s ears, pointed at the top.

There was a big table, and it was covered with dog food, toys, blankets, leashes, bowls, and beds.  I thought about jumping up there, but I knew that I would get in trouble.  It turns out that all this stuff was for dogs who do not have homes, but live in a shelter like I did before I became part of Angie’s family.  So really, I have enough of everything, and I know that there are dogs who need this stuff.

We stayed a long time.  I was really tired from all of that noise, and having so many people come up to me.  I mean I am a friendly dog, but I would rather be training than partying.  I hope that we do not do this again. The next time there is a party, I hope it is on a rubble pile with lots of people hiding for me!