Monday, July 23, 2012

A House in a Fire Station

I know this sounds strange, but it is true. We went to a fire station last week, and when we went inside where the fire trucks and lockers are kept, there was a house. Not a real house with a yard and trees, but still it was a house. There were several rooms, an upstairs and a downstairs, windows, doors, a kitchen, a bathroom with a tub (more about that later) and furniture like chairs, tables, and beds (more about the beds later). There were 4 doors that opened into the house, and lots of closets with doors.

It was very, very hot, and there were no fans. So I knew it would be tough to search because there is no air to move the scent around. The first problem: Sasha’s dad was hiding in a room with 3 closets, and I had to figure out which closet was the right one. When he opened the door to play tug, he was wet with sweat, but still ready with my toy. Guess where he was for the second problem? This was easier, because he was in the bathtub, just right out in the open. I have never in my life found somebody in a tub, and I just jumped in right on top of him. Of course there was no water, but it was still fun!

Now, for the best problem of all. Sprinkles ran a problem where Angie was hiding behind a bed, tucked down low, covered with pillows. I happen to know that Sprinkles loves to get on her mom’s bed, and will sleep there all night if she can. So she jumped up on the bed to smell where Angie was hiding, and she laid down all stretched out, and then she barked a lot. And Angie played tug with her ON THE BED. I think this was the best possible reward for Sprinkles, not only getting her toy, but playing with it on the bed. We never get to do that.

 Sasha ran two hard problems, one in the kitchen and one upstairs. I think that she enjoyed being in a new place, just like I did. Even though our humans were hot, we dogs had a great time. We like going to new places and hope that there are more training days like this.