Monday, August 27, 2012

A Playground for Dogs

Just when I thought that Disaster City could not get any better, yesterday changed my mind.  There is something new just for dogs! What should I even call it?  It has a tunnel that is way up high, a board that is off the ground, and when you walk on it, it moves.  There are ladders, tall and short, and so many planks to walk across.  Some of them are straight across, and some of them are slanted up and down.  Oh, and there is a slide that is very slippery.  Angie did not want me to go down it because one of the dogs fell off of it.  He was fine.

So with all of the excitement, and all of the dogs trying out this equipment for the first time, it was a good thing that the nice vets from the Texas A&M Veterinary Emergency Team were there.  They checked out the dog who fell off the slide, and they even had those bags with water in them that they hold in the air, while the water goes into a dog’s body through a needle in the skin.  It does not hurt at all, because the vets are so gentle.  I could tell I needed some because my mouth felt very dry.  The vets brought us inside so we could cool off.

We also searched on the rubble piles.  Guess what happened to Sasha?  She was working a problem, and she put her nose on a piece of metal to see if she could smell what she was looking for, then two things happened to hurt her.  First, a bee stung her, but that was not the worst thing.  The metal was so hot that she burned her nose.  Angie put her hand down to see how hot it was, and she yelled, “OWWW!”  I know Sasha will be fine, but we have to be careful.  Sprinkles has burned the bottom of his paws on that hot stuff.

Check out all the pictures of my friends playing on the new agility prop (that is what Angie called it).  Check out Sasha on the board that moves in the air.  Sprinkles was not there, but I know she will have a great time when she gets to play on it.  Are we the luckiest dogs in the world, or what?

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