Friday, September 21, 2012

Something is up...

Guess what…I got to go on deployment. I have to tell you about this because it was so cool. One Saturday about three weeks ago, I noticed that Angie started to check her computer several times a day.  That wouldn’t mean much, except the pictures on the computer were really colorful and they had these lines that streaked across the screen, all basically going the same direction.  At the same time she’d switch the TV to the weather channel. (She NEVER watches the weather channel…) She also got her pager out – the one she leaves by her bed – and she put fresh batteries in it.  However, the big kicker was our gear…She brought all the bags into the house and started to inspect them. She’d take stuff out and repack. She switched batteries out of flashlights and stuff. In between she’d rub my ears, and every now and then, she’d lean over and give me a kiss.

Angie and Kip started laughing once because I guess I was following her really close through the house and every time she stopped, I would run into her from behind.  I couldn’t help myself…I was getting excited! I’d gotten deployed a couple of times before. Only on one of them did we get to do search and rescue operations, but on all the rest of them, I got to spend time with Angie and the rest of my Texas Task Force 1 dog-mates and teammates.

The next day, Angie continued to watch the weather. Then she took all our gear and loaded it in the truck. I was watching from the backyard as she walked back in the house. I just knew the next time I saw her, she’d be in her uniform and ready to walk out the door, but that didn’t happen. When I came back in the house, she just walked around like nothing was different…Or at least she tried to. I can always tell when something is up. My doggie sense is wired that way. She tried to act nonchalant, but she was quieter than normal, she hugged Kip and Chris a little more often, and I got my ears rubbed by Chris every time I walked by. I kept a close eye on her. (I ran into her three more times…She, Kip and Chris laughed and hugged.) Yep, something was up!

(To be continued)

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