Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A hurricane means we go to work!

Well, I knew something was up, and soon I found out what it was – we were going on a deployment!  Angie was on the phone, and the only thing I heard her say was “01:30.” She hung up and looked at me and said, “You ready to go to work?” 

She’d just told our Task Force that we’d be there at 1:30 in the morning. We were going somewhere to help somebody that was in trouble. I went into the bedroom with Angie. When she puts her uniform on, I always get excited. It’s different, though when she is on a real mission. She is serious, so I get serious.  (I tried to anyway…I’m not very good at getting serious.) She got dressed QUICK! Another thing that is different when we go on a real mission is that Kip and Chris meet us at the door when we leave. They always hug me and tell me to “be careful.” Chris tells me he loves me. Kip tells me, “Take care of your mom.” He tells Angie he loves her, but he always tells me first. It makes me feel really good.

Well, we take off to College Station, which is where Texas Task Force 1 is based. It takes us over two hours to get there. I usually sleep on the way, but I was too excited. Angie kept telling me to “relax,” “chill out,” “calm down,” “settle”… all that stuff, but I was just too excited. Every now and then, I’d whine a little. I couldn’t help myself! We finally got there at about 01:15 a.m. and I wasn’t tired a bit.  

We went into the hangar, which is a really big place. There is more stuff there than you could imagine! They have boats to rescue people in water, and some of the boats are made for going in water that moves really fast, like in a flood. They have huge 18-wheel trucks that take massive stacks of stuff like tents and cots for us to build a place to stay in when we get there. These trucks also carry saws, and drills, and other equipment for our rescue guys to use to save people when I find them. They also carry medical stuff for our team doctors, to take care of us if we get injured or the victims that we rescue. All the guys and gals on the Task Force say hello to me when we walk in. They say hello to Angie too, but they say hello to me first which makes me feel really good.

We have a special area just for the dogs, so we can rest and be ready work when the time comes. Angie has other stuff to do, meetings, and medical checks, and stuff, so she takes off and I just hang out in the crate. I’m the first dog there! Not long after, though, one of my buds arrives.  Ian is a Black Lab, like me.  He is cool!  His mom also has stuff to do, so she drops him off in the crate next to me and heads out. We make small bark, and then Mandy, a Yellow Lab, comes in. Yea!

When we go out the door on a real mission, we usually have four dogs. So, we were trying to guess who the fourth dog was, when in walks Wookie. It’s always good to have Wookie around. I was really young when I got on the team and some of the dogs, who were all bigger than me then, kind of scared me… but not Wookie. Wookie is a Black Lab, too, but he is so goofy you can’t help but smile when you’re around him. 

We’d been there about an hour when it was time for our medical check. Since our Task Force is part of Texas A&M University, we have vets from the School of Veterinary Medicine give us exams before we go out the door. They check our temperature, move all of our legs around, and check to make sure we’re not injured or sick. My favorite part is when they make Angie and I run across the floor so they can make sure I’m moving OK… What a Joke!!! Angie is so slow compared to me, it’s barely a trot! Mandy, Wookie and Ian were all laughing too! 

Next time, I’ll tell you about our deployment.

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