Monday, November 26, 2012

Two Babies Visit Me

Yesterday, Angie opened the door to our house, and there stood a friend of hers with 2 babies, a boy named Sammie (yes, it can be a boy’s name, not just a girl’s name like mine) and a girl named Vivienne.  They were like wild puppies, going up and down the stairs, knocking stuff off the tables, and making sounds that I could not understand.

I tried to stay out of their way, but they kept coming close to me.  They did not hurt me, but they did put their hands on my head, pulled my ears and tail, and the little girl kissed me on the face.  Yuck!  The boy, Sammie, you are not going to believe this, but it is true….he picked up some of my dog food out of my bowl, and he put it IN HIS MOUTH!  His mom tried to get it out ,but it was too late…he ate my dog food.  She said that he has a dog at home, and sometimes he does that.  It is bad enough that I have Oscar the cat to worry about; I am just glad that there are no babies who live with me because they might eat my food.

After a long time, I was getting tired of Sammie and Vivienne.  I had enough of them.  Sammie wanted to take me for a walk, and I let him (even though he is so small he can barely walk a straight line, and could not hold onto the leash).  When we came back inside, Vivienne was eating a cookie, and she held it right up to my face.  I know I should not have done this, but I took a small bite of it, not the whole cookie, just a little piece, and I was very soft with my mouth.  I don’t think anybody saw me do it, and Vivienne cannot tell on me because she is too young to talk. 

After they all left, I was ready for a nap and some quiet time.  Give me a rubble pile, and I will go all day.  But having to share my house with 2 babies just makes me very tired.  I hope that they do not come back until they grow up, and are no longer puppies.

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