Monday, December 10, 2012

The Best Presents are Not Always Those with 4 Legs

Angie and I were at the park today, when this lady came up to us.  She had 2 little girls with her, and she was excited to see us.  She said to the girls, “This is the lady I told you about, and this is her beautiful dog, Sammie.”  Then she told the girls to go play on the swings.

The lady then tells us that she is thinking about getting her girls a puppy for Christmas, and that she is considering a whippet or a Greyhound.  Angie asked her why she was thinking about those kinds of dogs, and the lady (her name is Carrie) said, “I think they are so cute!” 

Now that is not a reason to get a dog, not at all, even I know that. Then Angie told her that these dogs must always be on a leash, or in a fenced-in area, because they run far and fast when they see something they like, and it is hard to get them back.

Carrie said that her daughters would feed the puppy, take it on walks, and that while they were at school, she would just leave it in the backyard.  This was her plan because she worked all day.  Not a good idea!  Puppies cannot be left alone all day outside, and you cannot count on young kids to be that responsible.

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Then Carrie asked Angie about me, and how did I get to be so obedient.  Angie explained to her that it took lots of time, and that we work on it almost every day.  She likes to say, “Sammie did not just come to me like this.”  I saw that Carrie was not happy with what Angie had to say.

Remember, if you are reading this, that it is never a good idea to give anybody a dog, cat, puppy or kitten as a present, especially if the person is not expecting this.  It might seem like a great surprise, but it could be a big mistake! 

Not everybody is ready for what is involved, and there are so many Christmas pets that end up in shelters because they were given to people who did not really know how to care for them.  I still do not know how I ended up in a shelter…maybe I was one of those Christmas puppies.  But I was one of the lucky ones because Angie rescued me. 

If you want to do something for animals, make a donation to the animal shelter in your area.  You can tell them it was my idea! 

NOTE from Veterinary Emergency Team - Texas A&M University: Choosing a pet is a very personal decision. If you are thinking of giving a pet for a gift, STOP, and consider a gift certificate or card from your local animal shelter. That way the receiver is able to pick out the best pet that fits their home when they're ready for the responsibility!

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