Monday, March 11, 2013


There are several cats in my life, even though I only live with one of them, Oscar. He is the one who was at my house when I first got here from the shelter.  And he is still around.  Here is what I do not like about Oscar:

1. He gets to go inside and outside whenever he wants.  Sometimes he stays outside all night.  I only get to go outside when Angie, Kip or Chris take me.
2. Oscar does not ever wear a leash. 
3. This is disgusting.  Sometimes, he comes home with a tail or feather of some small animal or bird hanging out of his mouth.  I would NEVER do that.
4. His claws are sharp, and if he decides to jump on me, even if it is just to play, those claws hurt.

Now here is what I like about Oscar:
1. He does not get to come to training with Angie and me.

There are 2 other cats that live close to our house.  They are GIANT cats.  One is named Cameo, a white cat.  The other is named Oreo, a black and white cat.  Sometimes, when Angie takes me for a walk, Cameo scares me.  He hides under a car, or a bush and then hisses at me.  And Oreo likes to stare down at me from way up high in a tree. 

Both of these cats are brave.  When Angie opens the car door, they have jumped in the front seat.  There is a sign in the window of the house where they live.  It says:  “Warning: this house is protected by attack cats.” Now that is pretty scary!