Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Left Behind

I am not a happy dog.  Listen to what happened today.  It may not seem like a big deal, but to me, it is.  Angie got dressed this morning in blue jeans and a long-sleeved shirt, not her uniform, except for her boots and gloves.  So right away, I know something is up.  And I think, well, maybe we are going to training at a place where she wears different clothes.  Cool.  But then, she feeds me breakfast and walks out the door.  WITHOUT ME!

I stay in my crate, I sleep, I wait for her to come home.  Her friend, Patti, the one who fed me sausage and popcorn at the beach, came to check on me and give me my dinner.  So it is late in the day.  I like Patti better when she gives me special treats, but this time, she just took me for a walk and put my normal food in my bowl.

Finally, it is starting to get dark outside, and Angie walks in the door.  Right away, I can smell that she has been hanging out with Sasha and Snap’s dad, and I am suspicious.  But I do not smell any dogs on her.  Where has she been?  What is going on?

She acts like she is happy, and then she shows me a picture.  All this time, she has been playing on a helicopter.  It turns out that just like people hide in the rubble for me to find, the helicopter rescue guys need people to pretend like they are in trouble.  She was in a bus, and the helicopter guys rescued her, and put her close to them in a basket or harness, and took her in the air to a safe place.

I am glad that she was able to, I think the word is, “volunteer” to help them.  But here is the thing…I would love, love, love to ride in a helicopter.  I have been on one that was standing still on the ground, and I still remember all the noise, and the strong wind blowing.  But it would be different to be inside the helicopter.  I think I would like that, to be in the air, off the ground, tucked in close to Angie.  Okay, thanks for listening to me whine.  I am over it now, and I hear we are going to Disaster City this weekend, so I am a happy dog now!