Monday, August 5, 2013

Eyes and Teeth

I have told you before about all the vets (doctors for dogs) who help me stay healthy.  Now there are two more to add to that list.  I don’t think Angie sees as many doctors as I do.  It is a good thing that these people are nice.

There is a vet who takes care of my eyes.  There are always lots of dogs and some cats when I visit him, which is just once a year for a check-up.  Some of the dogs only have one eye.  I don’t know what happened to the other one.  Maybe it is like the dogs with a short tail.  The eye just fell out.

Anyway, I go into a small, dark room, and Dr. S puts some drops in my eyes, and then he uses a special tool to look into them.  It does not hurt, and he always gives me treats.  It does not take very long, and it is close to home.
A few days ago, I went for the first time to a vet who takes care of teeth.  She is called a dentist, and I was there for a long time.  Her name is Dr. M, and she is really excited about teeth of all kinds of animals.  She told Angie that she might get to work on the teeth of a tiger who lives at the zoo. Yikes! I would not get near the mouth of an animal so big.  Dr. M opened my mouth and checked my teeth, and then she talked to Angie.

Here is where I feel a little embarrassed because I have done some things that are not healthy.  Before I came to live with Angie, I ate bones and other hard stuff that was not good for my teeth. And when I was in the shelter, sometimes I would chew on the walls of the kennel, and that is also bad for teeth. So now I have a tooth that is cracked, which means that part of it is gone.  It could get infected, so Angie decided that the dentist could make it better. I am not sure what will happen.

I thought that brushing my teeth every day was enough.  This just shows me that there is a lot that goes into having teeth that are in good shape.  I am glad that Angie takes such good care of me!

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