Monday, October 21, 2013

Way Up in the Air

Remember when I told you that I have always wanted to go in a helicopter?  Well, I was able to do something else that was a lot of fun, and just a little bit scary.  When we were at Disaster City last weekend, after we trained on the rubble piles in the morning, we did what is called lifting and lowering.  Here is what happened.
Two of my friends, who know a lot about ropes and rescuing people, set up an exercise on the side of a building. First, I stepped into a jacket kind of thing, one leg in each hole.  Then Angie fastened it tight so I could not fall.  Then she put on a harness with ropes attached to it, and attached my jacket to some ropes. I heard somebody say, “Lift Sammie up just a little,” and all at once my paws were off the ground and my whole body was, too!  I didn’t have time to be scared, because right away, Angie was lifted up, and I was close to her, my head next to hers.
And then the fun started.  Up, up, up we went, until we reached the top of the building.  My heart was beating fast, because I have never done anything like this before.  I licked Angie’s face to tell her I was doing just fine.  When we got to the top, Angie made sure that I did not hit the side of the building, and she used her hands and boots to keep me safe.  We stayed in our harnesses, and then it was time to lower us to the ground.  Slowly, we made it all the way back down.  Angie took off my jacket, and her harness, and we watched some other dogs go up to the top of the building.  They all looked funny, with their 4 legs just sticking out in the air.  I must have looked just like that.
You may wonder why we did this.  In a disaster, there could be a time when we could not walk to our search area.  We might need to use a system like this one to get to the place where we need to look for people.  Now I will know what to expect if that ever happens.