Monday, November 18, 2013

Dogs in Boats

I thought that going up in the air all the way to the top of a building was fun, but not as good as what happened yesterday at Disaster City.  We trained on the rubble piles and then took a break.  I looked out of my crate, and we were right by the lake.  No rubble piles are near the lake, so I knew something was up.  And then Angie took out something like a vest, and tightened it around my body.  It is called a PFD, or Personal Flotation Device, which helps me float when I am in the water.  Hey, I love to swim, and I don’t sink so I am not sure why I needed it.  Oh, now I remember.  Sometimes dogs get so tired that they need help staying upright in the water.

There were 2 boats, and a driver for each one, and then 2 dogs and their humans got in the boat.  I watched them go on a ride around the lake, come back to the shore, and then the dogs got out, and the boat went back out.  They swam back to the boat when called.  I must admit that I was barking and shaking with excitement, I wanted it to be my turn.  You should have seen Sasha.  When she was called to swim to the boat, she did not want to get in; she kept swimming too far away for her dad to pick her up and put her in the boat.  Go, Sasha, go, I thought.

Then it was my turn.  Angie and I got in the boat with another dog and her dad.  Zoom, we went fast, and I put my head out to feel the water in my face.  I wanted to jump in, but I stayed.  Another boat came side by side, and we walked across to get in that one.  The most fun was when I waited on the shore while Angie went back out in the water.  She called, “Sammie, come!” I jumped in the lake, and swam fast to the boat.  I could have kept going, but she used the handle on the PFD to pull me into the boat with her.  I helped by putting my paws on the side.

I love the rubble, but this was fun in a different way.  I hope we can do it again, especially since it was a great way to cool off.  And now if I ever need to ride in a boat to help somebody, I will know just what to do!