Monday, December 9, 2013

The Busiest Day

Let me tell you about the latest fun at Disaster City.  There was a lot going on.  First, the vets took blood from our bodies, just a little bit with a needle.  It doesn’t hurt at all.  Then they took our temperature, not fun, but I am used to that by now.  They were writing a lot of stuff down, but I was ready to get to training.  Little did I know what would happen.

Here are all the places that I went in Disaster City in just one morning!  Rubble 1, Rubble 2, the trains, agility, the barrels that were all spread out (with a person in one and distractions in the others), the hup tables, an area where I took a walk with Angie, and the strip mall.  Can you believe it?  After I finished at each place, a vet took my temperature, and I rested for a few minutes.  I also got cool water sprayed on my pads and stomach. Did you know that cooling my pads is one of the best ways to make me feel better when it is hot?

By the end of the morning, I was so tired.  It was very hot, and the sun was shining.  I was not as fast at the end as I was at the beginning, but I never stopped working. The vets took some more blood from my body at the end. Angie kept telling me what a good girl I was.  I was ready to go in my kennel, and let the other dogs work in the afternoon. 

We did all this to help the vets find out what it was like for dogs to work for a long time, not just a short search on a pile, and then a long wait until it was our turn again.  We never waited around, but worked for 4 hours.  After all the dogs get to do this, the vets will be able to use what they learned to improve our performance….so that we can all do our jobs better.

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