Thursday, December 19, 2013

Think About a Puppy for Christmas (And then say no)

A cute puppy – I know that it sounds like a great idea, but let me tell you that it is not usually the best gift.  First, with all of the excitement of trees, ornaments, gifts, family, food, and holiday fun, there is a lot going on.  It could be very tough on a young dog to come into a place where there was so much happening.  The lights, the people talking, and maybe even another dog is already there.  And the person who is on the receiving end of the gift of the pup may not want, or understand, what is involved… a lot of care for a long time.

Second, people sometimes forget that this cute ball of fur with big eyes will get bigger, and there is money that needs to be spent for food, medicine, and lots of other reasons.  It is sad but true that many of these “Christmas Puppies” end up in shelters because the humans were not prepared for the responsibility of caring for a pet.

If you are thinking about bringing home a new pet, please wait until the holidays are over and things quiet down.  Then, if you still decide to get a puppy or even a kitten, then you will be able to give that newest family member all of the love and attention that it deserves.

I hope that you and your dogs, cats, birds, and every other kind of animal in your life have a happy and peaceful holiday season and a wonderful 2014.  Thank you for reading about my adventures, and letting me know what you think. Woof and love!

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