Monday, February 24, 2014

The Best Long Down

You probably know that as part of my obedience training, I have to lie down and stay that way, even if there are other dogs around, and even if – and this is the hardest part for me – Angie walks out of sight.  I cannot get up until she tells me that I am “all done.”

Guess what happened after training yesterday?  Sasha, Sprinkles, Snap, and 2 visiting dogs were on a down stay with me.  We were in a line, but our bodies were not touching…6 dogs in all.  Angie walked away, and Sprinkles’ mom walked out in front of us with a bag.  She took out lots of soft toys and put them on the ground in front of us.  I was very excited, and I know that my friends were, too. 

Remember, we were supposed to stay.  Angie walked back in sight, and told me to “stay.”  And then, one by one, each dog was able to choose a toy.  Sprinkles put two in her mouth.  Sasha picked out a toy with a squeaker, and I chose one that makes a crunchy sound because there is an empty water bottle inside.  Snap decided on a monkey with a hat and long legs.

We all walked back to our cars with our toys in our mouths.  No fighting, of course.  It was so much fun!

Sprinkles kept both of her soft toys.  I think mine is the best, because of the crunchy sound, and because when it stops crunching, Angie puts another water bottle inside, and it sounds just like new.

I like this kind of obedience training that ends with a new toy for each dog…but it doesn’t happen often.  That’s what makes it so special.

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