Monday, March 17, 2014

Two Spoiled Dogs

Angie came home yesterday and she had dog smells on her.  I didn’t recognize the smells...they did not belong to Sprinkles, Sasha, Snap or any of my friends.  Then she told me about the dogs.  Get ready to say, “Are you kidding?”

The two dog she had been to see are Briards, which are big, long-haired dogs that look sort of like a sheep dog.  There is a boy, Olivier, and a girl, Collette.  Their dad asked Angie to check on them while he was out of town.  He gave her a key that was attached to a stuffed Briard toy. (It looked like it would be fun to destroy!)

These dogs get eggs and cheese for breakfast every morning, and cooked ground sirloin with kibble for dinner.  They have a big jar full of red licorice that they get for a snack.  I don’t know of any other dogs who eat that kind of food!

There are no seat belts in their dad’s car because the dogs have chewed them off.  They have a big cushion in the back of the car where there used to be seats.  Now it is more like a big dog bed that takes up all that space.

These dogs jumped on Angie, and their dad told her, “They will settle down.” Still, they are too big to be jumping on people.  Do you think they stay in a kennel during the day?  Or sleep in one?  Oh, no..they run free in the house, and they have done a lot of damage!  They have used the bathroom inside the house, on the curtains, and on the carpet.  They have scratched the paint off of the door because they scratch on it when there is any kind of noise. 

Angie told me, “Sammie, you are such a good girl.  I would never bring these dogs to our house because they have no manners.  Thank you for working hard and making me proud of you.”  I love it when she talks to me like that. The sound of her words and the way she looks at me make me want to be the best dog in the world!

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