Monday, April 7, 2014

A Visit to Sasha’s House

You are probably thinking that this is about a fun time at my friend’s house, but you would be wrong.  Well, it was a little bit fun, but not what I expected.  Angie and I got out of the car, and I was excited because I was ready to play…or get a massage from the man who is there sometimes.  We walked in the back door, and I heard Sasha barking, but I did not see her. I think she was in her room in the back of the house.  Instead, there were a bunch of small dogs and nobody was playing.

Then this lady came up to me, and she was holding a big camera.  We went outside and Angie told me to sit and stay while the lady took my picture.  It was not easy because I could smell where other dogs had been, and also the horses and cats who stay at Sasha’s.  First I sat in front of some blue flowers, and then in front of a bush, and finally in front of some red flowers that were right by the swimming pool.

That was the worst, because I wanted to jump in the water.  I kept looking at it, and then I looked at Angie when she told me to watch her.  More pictures, and finally Angie threw a toy in the pool.  I jumped high in the air with a big splash and got the toy.  And even though I was having fun, I noticed that the lady with the camera was still taking pictures of me.  That swimming was the best part of the day.

I guess some days are just more fun than others.  Poor Sasha, I hope that she knows I wanted to play, I really did.  Next time….

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