Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Trip to Arkansas

Let me tell you about the latest deployment, the first one in a really long time.  That is a good thing because it means that nothing bad has happened that would mean people needed my help.  Still, it is what Angie and I train for all the time, and if there is a bad situation, we are there to do whatever we can to make things better.

It was late at night. I was asleep in my kennel, and dreaming of chasing my orange ball, when the lights come on in the kitchen. There are gear bags everywhere, and Kip is taking them to the car.  Even though it is not time for breakfast, Angie puts my food in a bowl, and I eat.  Then we are on our way to College Station, where we stay for a short time and then get on a bus with lots of people, and three other dogs, Sprinkles, Cojo, and a new dog named Jay.  We were on that bus for a really long time.  We stopped once for a break, but the rest of the time I lay on my mat, napping and just resting.

When we arrived in Arkansas, we stayed in a small building with 8 humans and 4 dogs.  I had some trouble sleeping that first night because I had been on the bus all day, and because there was a lot of snoring from the humans.  I also smelled a strange odor because I was sprayed to prevent ticks that could make me very sick.

The next day was better because I was able to play fetch several times during the day.  That helped me relax.  Still, I wanted to train or go to work, but that didn’t happen.  That night I slept better, but there was even more snoring than the night before.  Angie never snores!  She is a quiet sleeper.

We left for home the next day; another long day on the bus.  I was glad to get home and sleep in my quiet kennel, no snoring to bother me.  And I was glad to know that even though we did not work in Arkansas, we were ready to do whatever it took to help other people. 

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