Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer visits

I thought there was just one kind of school, but there is another called Vacation Bible School.  I visited two of them this summer, and there was a lot of music and singing…but I didn’t hear my name so the songs were not about me.  One time I went up on a stage, and everybody listened while Angie told them about me.  The other time I went to one place, and groups of little kids came to see me, kind of like Career Day.

The other place I visited was where people go to exercise and stay healthy.  There was a big room with a slick wood floor, and a lot of kids were waiting for me.  You might think that a floor like that makes walking easy, but that is not true.  It feels slippery, and when I try to run, my feet kind of go out from under me.  This is a place where people play basketball, so they wear shoes that make it easy for them.

When I went in the room, the kids’ backpacks were all piled up.  I smelled some sandwiches, cookies, chips, and pickles.  Yummm.  But I knew that I could not mess around with those distractions.  Somebody was hiding under soft mats, and I jumped on top of the mats and barked.  And at the end, everybody wanted to pet me.  This always happens.  Some of them ask Angie if I can go home with them, and the answer is always the same, “No!”

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Career Day

I did not know the meaning of the word, “career,” but now I know it means the same as “job.”  Angie and I went to a school where there were people talking to students about what kind of jobs they could have when they graduated from high school.  I was the only dog there, and Angie talked about what it was like to work with me.  First, there was this big meeting in front of lots of people, and when it was Angie’s turn to introduce herself, I went with her and hupped on a chair so that everybody could see me.  No big deal, but there was a lot of applause.

Then we visited 8 classrooms, and this took a long time.  At first, I was kind of excited and ready to go, but at the end of the day, I was lying sideways down, really tired from all of the talking and petting.  Angie tried to make it fun for me by taking my toy out of her pack, and showing the students how much I enjoyed tugging.  I never got tired of that part. 

She would move it slowly back and forth, side to side, and my eyes followed it; then she told me, “Get it, Sammie!”  Then we played a good tug game.  She also talked to the students about what I do when I find somebody in the rubble.  She asked them, “Do you think Sammie sends me a text from her cell phone?”  I think some of them thought she was serious, and then she told them how I barked loudly, and I demonstrated my special bark for them.

I was more tired from this day than from a day of training on rubble.  I think it was because I kept thinking I was going to work, since Angie wore her boots and training clothes.  Still, it was important for the students to know what it takes to work with a dog like me, and to think about that as a career, or job, that they might like one day.