Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer visits

I thought there was just one kind of school, but there is another called Vacation Bible School.  I visited two of them this summer, and there was a lot of music and singing…but I didn’t hear my name so the songs were not about me.  One time I went up on a stage, and everybody listened while Angie told them about me.  The other time I went to one place, and groups of little kids came to see me, kind of like Career Day.

The other place I visited was where people go to exercise and stay healthy.  There was a big room with a slick wood floor, and a lot of kids were waiting for me.  You might think that a floor like that makes walking easy, but that is not true.  It feels slippery, and when I try to run, my feet kind of go out from under me.  This is a place where people play basketball, so they wear shoes that make it easy for them.

When I went in the room, the kids’ backpacks were all piled up.  I smelled some sandwiches, cookies, chips, and pickles.  Yummm.  But I knew that I could not mess around with those distractions.  Somebody was hiding under soft mats, and I jumped on top of the mats and barked.  And at the end, everybody wanted to pet me.  This always happens.  Some of them ask Angie if I can go home with them, and the answer is always the same, “No!”

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