Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Crate Break

I stay in a crate in the kitchen while my family is away from home.  It has a soft mat in it, and is very comfortable.  I also sleep there at night.  As soon as Angie, Kip or Chris get home, one of them always opens the door and lets me out.  So imagine my surprise when one day the door just fell off while I was inside!  Nobody was home.  What should I do? What could I do?

Here is what I thought about doing, so many things.  I could jump up on the kitchen counter where there was a loaf of bread, and some coffee in a can…or I could go into the study and lie down on the couch where there are some pillows I could destroy.  Hmmm, and there are Angie’s boots.  I have a weakness for shoes, and they smell so good.  And that is just downstairs.  If I go upstairs, there are beds, not dog beds, human beds, and more pillows.  There are dirty smelly clothes in a basket that I could drag out and chew on the bed.  Oh, and my toothbrush and toothpaste are b

Or I could stay in the kitchen and be a good dog, and not get in trouble.  In the end, that is what I did.  When Angie walked through the door, she asked me, “Sammie, what happened?” Then she checked out all the places where I thought about going.  When she was satisfied that I stayed in the kitchen, she told me what a good dog I was, and gave me a treat.  Since I was so good, maybe she will let me stay out of my kennel while she is gone.  I promise that I will be good!