Monday, September 22, 2014

Treats for Me

Today, while Angie was not home (very important part of the story), Chris’ friend came over to our house.  Whenever he visits, the first words he says are, “Can I give Sammie a treat?”  Chris always says, “Yes, but she has to work for anything that she gets.” 

Today was so much fun!  Diego, the friend, opened my kennel, and told me to “sit.”  And then he gave me a treat.  He took me for a walk, and when I waited to cross the street, there was another treat.  On the way home, he told me “down,” and there were more treats.  I NEVER get treats for taking a walk, so this was pretty special.  I could tell that Diego thought I was very smart.  He has a small dog named Jingles who is not as much fun as I am.

When we got home from the walk, Chris told Diego to put me back in my kennel.  Diego said, “Just one more…please?”  That was good news for me because what he meant was, “Can Sammie stay out and get some more treats? Chris said that was OK, and I did whatever I was told, like sitting, lying down, shaking hands, heeling, and using my nose to figure out which hand had the treat.

I think that it is OK once in a while, for somebody to spoil me.  I probably didn’t need all those treats, because I really didn’t do any work like in training. Still, it felt good to have somebody just act like I was a good girl for doing not that much.  Thanks, Diego.  You can come back to our house anytime!

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