Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday Reminders

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve and all the other winter holidays, people have lots of fun.  Sometimes there are parties, presents, and special trees, lights, candles and food, lots of food.  Here are a few ideas on how to make sure dogs (and cats) can be part of your celebrations, and not get hurt or sick. 

Poinsettias and holly can be a problem if a dog or cat takes a bite or a lick.  That can make us vomit or give us a painful sore place on mouths and tongues.  The pine needles that fall off Christmas trees or flower arrangements can also make us sick.  Angie always puts all flowers out of my reach because I have been known to sample them.  And this is also the time of year when little kids make treats for birds, and hang them outside on trees.  I like the one that has peanut butter in the middle and seeds on the outside.  Next door, one of these fell on the ground, and I could smell that peanut butter.  Not a good idea…

Speaking of treats, there are lots of them that can cause problems.  Chocolate is the one most people know about.  I know a dog who ate a whole bag of chocolate chips, and was very sick.  That dog even had seizures.  So don’t leave chocolate around, or nuts.  The best idea is to get your dog a rawhide bone or special treat that is just for dogs.

And remember that your pets can tell if you are upset about something.  So if you are worried about finding the perfect gift, or sad because you miss a person or pet who is no longer here, we know, and our behavior might be different.  The same goes for having lots of people around us.  And finally, please don’t dress me up to look like a reindeer!

I hope we all have a healthy and happy holiday season!

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  1. Oh my, it looks like Sammie has a touch of the holiday blues. Maybe an extra long hug and belly rub is in order for this evening. ;-)