Tuesday, January 27, 2015


This is a word that means you no longer get to play at Disaster City, or go on deployments with the rest of the team if other people need help, like when we went to Arkansas last spring after the tornadoes.  This is not something that I am worried about, because I am still a young dog.  But one day it could be my turn to retire.

There have been several dogs who retired, and Cojo was the most recent one.  That dog has been such a good friend, and always ready to train.  We would often sleep in kennels next to each other, and he was a good sleeper, never making noise during the night.  He is one of the dogs whose tail was as long as mine when we met, but later something happened and part of it either fell off or… well, I don’t want to think about what else could have happened to it.  He had the best bark. It was more like a howl, all of these barks close together.

On the last day that Cojo trained at Disaster City, Angie and some other people were sad.  Angie wanted to make sure that she was on the pile for his last search problem.  And when he found the person who was hiding, he got a stuffed rabbit toy that was as big as Oscar, no, even bigger than that cat.  And he ripped it into small pieces, and tore every bit of the soft stuffing out of the rabbit’s body. He shook it from side to side and was having the best time ever. It was everywhere on the pile, so much that his human brought a garbage bag up there so that the stuffing could be cleaned up.  I bet there are still some pieces that are left.

I know Cojo will miss being part of Texas Task Force 1, and I will miss him.  Too bad all dogs cannot stay puppies forever. 

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