Monday, February 16, 2015

Brrrrrrr, Shiver and Shake

When the weather gets cold, like it is right now, sometimes you hear on the radio or email, “When cold weather occurs, remember to protect people, pets, and plants.”  So what does that mean for dogs?  For sure, it means that they should stay inside, especially when the temperatures are below freezing.  And even though Texas stays warmer than states like New York or Maine, it can get cold here.

Some dogs grow a winter coat, which means that their fur gets thicker and longer to keep them warm.  Some dogs actually wear vests that are designed to help keep them warm when it is cold.  I have a vest that is orange and black, and even if I get wet, the part of my body under the vest stays warm and dry.  I have seen small dogs wear the silliest looking coats, with little hoods, and fleece. 

When we go to training, Angie puts a soft, thick pad in my kennel.  And she makes sure that the cold air does not get to the back of the car.  Some people think that it is okay to leave their dogs in the car while they go someplace, but that is a bad idea.  Cars can be like refrigerators in the winter, holding in the cold and causing animals to freeze to death.

My favorite way of staying warm in the winter is to get in the kennel with Sasha.  That dog has such thick, soft fur, and being close to her helps me stop shivering.  I am one of those dogs who does not have a thick winter coat, so even though I want to keep working, Angie makes sure I don’t get too cold.

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