Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dogs Take Over Disaster City

Every year there is a weekend where dogs and humans come from all over the United States to train together.  It is always fun to meet new friends and see people, and dogs, that I remember.  This year there were more of them than ever before, and I can tell you that there were many states who sent teams — New York, Florida, New Mexico, California, Virginia, Indiana, Missouri.  Angie and I were part of a group and we worked together the entire weekend.

It is amazing that with so many dogs, there were no problems.  We all stayed in our kennels when we were not working, and when we went to different locations, we were always on lead.  This weekend was about training, not getting to know each other.  Although we kind of did, because we were in kennels that were close together.  My favorite dog was a giant black lab named Pilot, and he was from Florida.  He was young and very energetic.

Sprinkles and I stayed together in a hotel room.  As a special treat, Angie brought us both chew bones.  You should have seen Sprinkles throwing hers in the air and catching it with her mouth.  We both slept great because we worked so hard during the day.  Our favorite part of the weekend was getting to search on the trains, where somebody was hiding up in the space where the luggage is kept…or on the top part of a bed.  We would run fast and then, boom, there was that smell that could only mean one thing, that a person is waiting to play tug!

The part of the weekend that I did not like so much was when the Vet Team decided that I would be the dog whose leg would get bandaged.  This was not because I was hurt, but just to show everybody how to do it the right way.  I had to lay still while this happened.  You know that is hard for me, and then I got up and kind of limped around with 3 legs.  I love my vets, and so it was okay to help them.  It can’t always be all about me!

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