Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Responsible Pet Owners’ Month

February is something called “Responsible Pet Owners’ Month.” I know there is a day that is also about love, hearts, mush mush mush, when Kip brings Angie flowers, and they hug. I might add that I am not allowed to nibble on the flowers.  Oh, right, I was talking about the other way the month is special.

Responsibility means a lot to dogs. Here are some ways that Angie is a responsible owner, although I am not a pet, but a working dog with a job. The ways that she takes care of me are:
  1. I get checked by the vet once a year, and all of my vaccinations are up-to-date.
  2. I have a microchip in my neck so that if I ever get lost, there is a machine that can read it and help make sure I get home safely.
  3. Every month, I take medicine to make sure I don’t get heartworms or fleas.
  4. Angie makes sure that I get plenty of exercise…not just training, but running and playing.
  5. Even though some food smells delicious, I get nothing but dog food.  Nothing from the plates of Kip, Angie, and Chris.  I might want it, but by now I know that is not happening.
  6. Angie brushes my fur and my teeth – every day.  I get a bath when I start to smell funky.
  7. When we are outside of the house, Angie makes sure that I am on a lead, so that she can make sure I am safe from cars and other dogs.
  8. There is a soft mat in the kennel where I sleep.  It is washed once a week so it is clean.
  9. I always travel in a kennel that is secure in the car.
Thank you to my family for taking such good care of me.  Oh, and one more thing that is a little bit embarrassing. I am a girl dog, but I had an operation so I cannot have puppies. That was a responsible decision, and I am one lucky dog!

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