Monday, April 20, 2015


This story is not about kindness to me or by me.  It is about something that Angie did on the way back from the park.  I saw what happened, and I was a part of it in a small way.  She stopped for gas, and I saw this lady walk up to her, and start talking.  The back of the car was open, and I was in my kennel.

I could tell that this lady was sad, and maybe not feeling well.  Her eyes looked strange, she was talking in a worried tone, and she had tears.

Then she walked up to my kennel, and she said, “I miss my dog so much.  I was married for 50 years, and lived in a big house, and my dog died a few months ago, after my husband died.  And now I live all by myself, and today I am not feeling well.”  It turns out that she took some new medicine, and felt like she could not drive home.

Angie asked if she would like a ride home.  I know it is not a good idea to let strangers in the car, but this lady needed somebody to help her.  As soon as she got in the front seat, she started crying, and Angie gave her a tissue and a bottle of water.  It was a short ride to where she lived, and before she went inside, she asked to pet me.  Angie let her, and I felt her tears on my fur. 

It must be hard to be by yourself, with no friends or family to help.  Sometimes a small act of kindness can mean a lot to a person, or an animal.