Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Not My Favorite Day

We sometimes go to schools or other places to talk about and show people what kind of work we do.  Today it was a school, and I am so tired that I am taking a nap soon.  My eyes are almost closed.  We visited 5 classrooms, and here are some of the things I did.  I showed them how I played tug, and even some of the strong boys tugged with me.  I could tell that they didn’t expect me to be so strong.  I hupped on a couple of chairs, and also demonstrated an emergency down.  And I also searched for students who were hiding under tables or desks.

This kind of day is training in how to be calm, follow directions, and listen to other people talk.  And it is not all about me being on a rubble pile; instead I am in a small room.  I was not on my best behavior, because I wanted to work.  Angie was dressed for training, and it was not the kind that I like.  Sometimes I barked at her when she was talking.  By the end of the day, I just put my head on the floor, and chilled out.  No barking.

Many students wanted to pet me, which was fine.  One girl told Angie that she wanted to take me home, and one boy asked if he could bring me dinner.  Of course, Angie said no to both of them.  She would never let another person take me away from her.  So I guess it was not such a bad day after all!

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