Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer Vacation

Angie and Chris are home a lot during the summer, and I get the feeling they would like for me to stay in my kennel all the time, like I do during the rest of the year.  I don’t think that is fair, so sometimes when they don’t pay enough attention to me, I make low sounds in my throat.  Not growls, more like whining.  And when they go somewhere and don’t take me, I can hear the car pulling up in the driveway, and I start making those same sounds. 

But today, Angie took me with her to get her hair cut, and there was a cool tile floor that felt so good on my stomach.  Some of her hair dropped on my fur, but I didn’t mind.  Her friend, Sebastian, used a towel to get it off.  He is always glad to see me, and sometimes he plays rough with me.

You know, dogs like for everything to stay the same, or at least I do.  I eat, go outside, go to sleep, and wake up every day at pretty much the same time.  But the summer is different, and I know that Chris, Angie and Kip are getting ready to leave me behind for more than one day.  All of their stuff is packed up, and none of mine is included.  This means I am going to a place where there are lots of dogs whose humans need for them to wait while they leave town.  It is ok, but I will sure be glad when my family comes back home!