Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Vacation

It was not really a vacation, because my family was not with me.  But I did have a good time staying with Anne and all of the other dogs who were there.  I was not showing my best obedience, I know, because Anne told Angie.  That is true, but Anne is not my mom.  I should have behaved in a better way, but I just didn’t.

Here is the funny part.  Angie’s friend, Patti, came to get me and take me home so that when Angie, Chris and Kip returned from their trip, I would be waiting for them.  Patti and I curled up together on the couch and took a nap.  Then Patti gave me dinner, and left the house….and she forgot to put me in my kennel! So when Angie walked in the door, I was right there to meet her.  I could tell that she was not expecting me to be out of my kennel.

She checked all of the places I could have gotten into trouble, and the first place she looked was where my toothbrush and toothpaste are.  She knows that I sometimes sneak into the bathroom, and get those 2 items.  I was such a good dog, and even though I could have caused some trouble, I did not. 

I was too tired from all of the dogs barking and the fireworks keeping me awake while I stayed with Anne, so I just slept while my kennel door was wide open.  I am so glad that my family and I are together again, and that our vacations are finished!

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