Monday, August 24, 2015

What Happened?

I am still not sure.  We were on our way to training, and I think we were going to Disaster City, because we got a very early start.  And then, after only a short drive, the car started to move in a strange way, like it was having trouble.  I know cars don’t get hurt, but it was almost like that.  Angie pulled over and even from my kennel, I could tell she was worried.  We did not drive anymore. We waited until this giant truck arrived.  I heard Angie call it a “toe truck.” (Why?  It does not have feet, so how could it have toes?) 

Our car went on this slanted platform on the back of the truck, because we could not drive our car.  It was not safe, and you know how important safety is.  Angie asked the driver if it was OK for me to ride with her in the truck, and the man said yes, as long as I stayed on the floor.  Well, of course, it was just like riding on a bus, or an airplane, but this time it was in a truck that smelled terrible and was very dirty.

When we got to the place where our car would be fixed, we loaded up into another car we could use for a few days.  It did not have room for my kennel, so I curled up on the floor.  When Angie took out the bag with her helmet, I thought, maybe we can still go to Disaster City.  But she called Sasha’s dad, and he said it was going to be such a hot day, that by the time we got there, it would be too late.  This day did not go the way we planned, and I really, really wanted to go to Disaster City.  But I have to remember: Safety first, Sammie!

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