Monday, October 19, 2015

My friend, Sneakers

Did you know that some dogs are a combination of 2 different breeds?  For example, there are dogs who are part poodle and part Labrador. They are called Labradoodles.  And there are others who do not have a name, but you can tell by looking at them that they are a mix of dogs.  It’s kind of like when a peanut butter and jelly sandwich gets smushed together, and you can’t see each as a separate thing, just the way it looks after the smushing.

I know a dog named Sneakers who is part Catahoula and part Bassett Hound.  If you look at a picture of those 2, you will think, wow, that must be a funny looking dog.  Sneakers is very low to the ground with short legs, but her fur has markings like a Catahoula, which is a breed used for hunting.  She is all black and grey except for a white patch on her stomach.  And she does not like people to touch her.

Sneakers and I like to run at the park, but we don’t play together, share toys, or chase each other.  I am usually playing retrieve with somebody, while Sneakers hunts for squirrels.  She walks very slowly, nose to the ground, but when she smells a squirrel, she takes off fast.  The other thing she does is roll around in grass and leaves.  She gets on her back, with her short legs in the air, and when she gets up, her back is covered in grass and leaves. 

Good girl, Sneakers, for being a super squirrel chaser – even though you never catch one!