Monday, November 9, 2015

Tennis Balls in the Air

Did you know that tennis balls are not just for dogs?  I have several of them, and I also have tug toys that are made of the same material as the yellow balls.  Some squeak, some don’t, some have a rope attached, and some are in the shape of a circle.

Today at the park, which is a place that I have been so many times that it is almost embarrassing to tell you it was the first time I noticed 2 people in a place where there was a fence, and a net that went across.  They were using some kind of object to hit tennis balls over the net to each other.

When I saw this, I just stopped outside of the fence, and watched the balls go back and forth across the net.  My head was going from side to side as I kept a close eye on the action.  Finally, when I couldn’t wait, I ran toward where the 2 people were hitting the balls.  As soon as I did, Angie yelled, “Sammie, COME!” 

It turns out that there is a game called “tennis” and it is not a game for dogs.  I think it’s funny that humans and dogs use the same toy, but just for different reasons.

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