Monday, December 7, 2015

Training Trip to Kansas

Sprinkles and I just got back from a trip to Kansas, and it was at a place called Crisis City.  I know that sounds a lot like Disaster City, but it was not the same.  It was so much fun to travel to a different location where there are all new smells, new rubble piles, and new people to hide and play tug.  We flew on an airplane, and Angie made sure that we did not sit close to each other.  That is because sometimes we get all silly, like if one of us tries to get a belly rub, the other one will do the same thing.  It was not a long flight, and then we drove to our hotel.

The next morning we went to Crisis City, where we worked with a group of other dogs and handlers.  There were dogs from Washington, Indiana, Florida, New York, Virginia, and Colorado.  The weather was cold, and I was so excited.  The first thing I did was run the bases, and that was a good way to start the day so I could get rid of some of my crazy energy.  Then there was a chance to find somebody in the trains, which was fun.  I knew the person was up high, and I stood on my back two legs and barked until the toy dropped down.

The rubble piles were different than the ones at Disaster City because there were cars and buses on them.  That was cool, to find somebody in a rubble pile who was actually upside down in a car.  I was kind of bad, because even though Angie told me to come to her, I had a scent and I jumped on top of the car. I know I should show her more respect.

There was also a “village” of many buildings that were kind of like a maze.  There were lots of ways in and out, and it gave me a chance to work way out of sight of Angie.  I checked several buildings before I found one where a person was hiding. 

All of the dogs did well.  Let me see if I remember their names…Striker, Packer, Trashin, Pinta, and Jesse.  Most of them were Labrador Retrievers like me. There were some good tuggers, and I was tired when I got back to Texas.  But now I am ready to go train again!

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