Monday, January 4, 2016

A Cold Weather Job

During the afternoon, Sprinkles and I went to the field behind the fire station to run, play and steal each other’s toys.  So I was fast asleep in my kennel that night, when Angie wakes me up.  Kip is taking her bags out to the car, and she is dressed in her uniform and boots.  I know we aren’t going to training, but I do know we are going somewhere.

We drove to College Station, and then got in a van with a kennel for me and room for 8 people.  We went to a place in North Texas where there were tornadoes that destroyed lots of houses, and our help was needed.  First we stopped at a high school, where we would be sleeping, and then we went to work.  It was very cold and raining. Although it was not great weather for humans, dogs like it this way.  We went to a street where some houses looked normal, but some looked bad, with no roofs. There were trees turned over, cars upside down, and some houses were just bricks and wood.

I searched several houses, and in one house, there was a basket of dog toys.  In another house, there were some cookies and milk.  I was hungry, but I did my job….until something happened.  I cut the pad on my paw when I stepped on a piece of glass.  Ouch!  There was blood, and Angie picked me up and carried me to the van.  One of the firefighters wrapped a towel around my cut, and stopped the bleeding. 

The Texas A&M Vet Emergency Team was at the high school, just in case something like this happened.  The vet cleaned my pad, gave me a shot, and bandaged it.  I was out of service for the rest of the day, and when we got back home, I still had to wear a bandage and take some medicine. It is my job now to get well so that I can help the next time people need me.

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