Friday, February 12, 2016

Friends Come to Disaster City

Every year, dogs and humans visit Disaster City for a weekend of training, searching, tugging, and playing on rubble, trains and in buildings.  This time there were over 50 dogs, and we had the best time!  The weather was cold in the morning, and stayed perfect all day.  Angie and I were assigned to a group of dogs from Florida, Utah, Missouri, and California.  We stayed in that group all weekend, and everybody used good canine manners.  No fighting, waiting our turn, and quiet in our kennels. 

This was the first time in almost a month that I was able to get on rubble. The cut on my pad has healed, and I was so excited to get back to training.  I probably had more energy than usual because of all the rest during the last few weeks.  Here was a funny part.  Angie brought 2 new hedgehog toys for me that were soft with long, long tails.  I tugged so hard that the heads ripped off!  Of course, I made sure that all of the stuffing was out of those heads. The tails were still good for tugging.

We stayed in a hotel at night, and I was so tired in a good way that when pizza was delivered, I smelled it, maybe dreamed about it, and went right to sleep in my soft kennel.  It was worth the weeks that I rested my paw to be able to have such a great time at Disaster City.  Come back soon, Pilot, Gunner, Raffey, Rocky, and Baylee!

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