Thursday, March 24, 2016

Playing Vet

I am so tired because a 4-year-old little girl has been at our house for 2 days.  She is like a puppy because she always wants to play, or do something with me.  It has been very tough because I haven’t been able to rest or just hang out by myself.  And her favorite game to play is “Vet” and that means she is like Dr. Zoran and I am the dog who is in her office.

All of this is pretend, not real….and that is good because here are some of my pretend injuries.  I have been bitten by a snake, broke my leg, hit by a piece of wood, and had many splinters.  She has used an X-ray machine on me, put me to sleep at least 10 times, sprinkled magic dust on me, and given me stitches and shots.  She has also whispered in my ear, kissed me, and hugged me.  Oscar the cat is nowhere to be found, so for once, he is being smart.

And this little girl left her crayons on the floor, as well as a stuffed animal she calls “Floppy Bunny.”  I know I should not have done this, but I took the Bunny and shook him in my mouth.  I could have done more, but I didn’t.  I did eat 2 crayons but Angie caught me before I could swallow them all the way.  They didn’t even taste good.  I would rather be tired from training than from all of this pretending.  Sometimes it is just tough being me!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My New Kennel

This is kind of embarrassing to write, but you will enjoy hearing about the latest addition to the car.  It is a new kennel for me!  You might want to know, “Sammie, what was wrong with the old one?  Why did you need a new kennel?”  Here is the reason: when I am waiting my turn to train, especially when I hear other dogs barking on the rubble pile, or see them ready to go, I get VERY excited, and I push against the wire gate on my kennel.  I have done this with so many kennels that the wire gate falls off. Sometimes I also bite the plastic edge of the kennel.

I know this is not respectful behavior.  I know that Angie has bought many new kennels because I have been so destructive.  I have the same kind of kennel in the kitchen, and I don’t destroy that one.  Does this behavior make me a bad dog?  I just want to work, and you know that I have difficulty waiting my turn.

The new kennel is called an “escape proof” model. It is not plastic, and the gate is not wire.   Everything is metal, and there are 3 locks on the gate.  It looks like a giant, fierce, biting dog should be inside, not a small, gentle dog like me.  But I must tell you, this kennel keeps me from trying to bust through the gate.  There will be no escaping for Sammie, and no more trips to the store for Angie to buy more.  I can’t say that I like
this kennel, but I respect it!